Visiting Ghent

Ghent, Europe’s Best Kept Secret

The undiscovered Flemish jewel of a city boasts an opera house, a handful of museums, even more ancient churches, and countless bridges spanning the two rivers that wind themselves through the city.
The true joy of the town is to be found whiling away an afternoon in an outdoor café. Whether your wrapped under blankets sipping a coffee in the winter or sunning yourself in the springtime with a cold Belgium brew, you will fit in with the locals if you simply enjoy the great atmosphere this town offers. If possible, find a seat on the Graslei, a scenic canal spot in the centre of town, with a great view on the many bridges, grand houses and medieval buildings.

Alternatively, hop on a bike and explore the nearby Patershol district with a small labyrinth of charming cobblestone streets, the towering Gravensteen Castle and Unesco recognised bell tower.
The laid back atmosphere of this liveable, lovable city means enjoying the vibrant nightlight of a university town then quaffing cava at the flower market the following Sunday morning.

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Despite its rating as one of the most authentic destinations in Europe by 'National Geographic Travel Magazine', its ranking at number 7 of must-see places in the world by 'Lonely Planet' andhigh praise in 'The Independent' and 'Le Monde' , Ghent stays often unexplored by tourists.
However with its 300.000 inhabitants and 66.000 students, Ghent is a most welcoming vibrant mix of all kinds of people who live, work and enjoy life against one of the most gorgeous historical backdrops of Europe.
The medieval harbor, the many canals and bridges, the narrow cobblestone streets and the Manhattan-like skyline of medieval towers and churches, offer a great setting for the perfect city trip.
Language: As a Flemish city, the mother tongue of the people of Ghent is Dutch but lots of locals speak English and French as well.
Location: Ghent is located between Brussels and Bruges and is easy accessible by train or by car. More about that at 'How to get to Ghent'. Ghent just might be that hidden gem that, once discovered, not only will blow you away but will make you want to come back for more!

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